Florence Oltrarno Tour: Artisan Workshops and Art Treasures in San Frediano District (CAFOT)

A not to be missed Florence off-the-beaten-track in the charming Oltrarno district!

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  • Off-the-beaten track walking tour with a professional local guide

  • Discover historical artisan workshops producing marvelous traditional handicrafts

  • Admire the gorgeous Santo Spirito Monumental Complex, where the only wooden sculpture by Michelangelo is kept

Enjoy a thrilling walking tour with your professional guide, through one of the most picturesque districts of Florence, declared the coolest neighborhood in the world, where you can meet the genuine Florentine people and learn how they live and work in. 

A short distance away from the impressive Piazza Pitti, you will visit some of the extraordinary workshops where to admire local artisans at work, producing marvelous traditional handicrafts such as shoes, engravings, art prints, marble paper, enamel, silver objects, mosaic art workmade with ancient Medicean technique, carved wood articles,….. 

Led by your expert guide, you will also reach the charming Piazza Santo Spirito, with its typical family restaurants, small shops and artists’ studios: a suggestive sight of Florence where time seems to stand still.

Here you will be able to visit the amazing namesake church designed by Brunelleschi which was the last masterpiece of the great Artist. Here you will have the opportunity to discover the wonderful Santo Spirito Monumental complex: cloister, refectory, chapter house and sacristy, where to admire the only existing wooden sculpture of Michelangelo: a crucifix that he carved at the age of only 17.

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Florence Oltrarno Tour: Artisan Workshops and Art Treasures in San Frediano District (CAFOT) (Codice: OT)

A unique walking tour of the authentic Florence off the beaten track in the cool Oltrarno district, to discover the local Workshops and the charming Santo Spirito Church with Michelangelo's unmissable wooden sculpture.

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Assistance at the Meeting Point,  Professional local guide, three artisan workshops, Santo Spirito Complex entrance fee