Electric Bike Evening Tour with Dinner in an Organic Farm - small group (CAFFR5)

A relaxing immersion in the green and cool Florentine Hills

Enjoy a beautiful bike tour with organic food and tasty BBQ!

Orario partenza 18:30
Durata 3 Ore 30 Minuti
FR5 (5)

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  • A unique and active experience 

  • Spectacular views of the city from the hills

  • Close encounters with farm animals!

  • Organic Dinner with products picked up and eaten!

Get ready to be part of a unique and unforgettable experience! Riding an electric bike, after a short training to become familiar with the vehicle, we will easily cross the city without any effort, quickly moving away from the hustle and the multitude of tourists crowding the city center, to enter in the enchanted atmosphere of an organic farm in the hills outside Florence. During the cool hours of the late afternoon, we will walk among the typical olive groves characterizing the Tuscan landscapes, enjoy wonderful views of Florence and observe the life in a real organic farm: it will also be the opportunity to see closely horses, pigs, donkeys, goats, cows and other animals. In the vegetable garden of the farm, open exclusively for us and followed by the farmer, we will be able to choose and pick the organic products that we will eat for dinner: natural, authentic and fresh, with a unique taste and varying depending on the season. With the vegetables just picked in the basket, we prepare the dinner in the cosy kitchen of a house located in the park of the farm, on the edge of a small lake. Here the chef will cook in front of us and explain, traditional Tuscan dishes, using the ingredients chosen earlier. We sit outside: it is finally time to have dinner and taste the bruschetta (slice of toasted bread) with the extra virgin olive oil produced at the farm, tuscan croutons, the pasta "Primavera" with the seasonal vegetables picked, the exquisite Chianina beef (the most delicious kind of Tuscan meat) grilled on embers and accompanied by the salads of the garden, fresh fruit or a homemade pie with water, wine and coffee.

After having eaten and amicably chatted, we get again on our electric bikes: it is time to enjoy the spectacular view of Florence by night from above! The lights that illuminate the monuments of the city are a real joy to the eyes, while the cool evening breeze strokes us during our slow descending to the now peaceful and quiet old town.

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Electric Bike Evening Tour with Dinner in an Organic Farm - small group (CAFFR5) (Codice: FR5)

Discover the Chianti countryside in this fun way and enjoy a delicious BBQ

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This tour includes: Tour leader, Organic Vegetable Garden exclusive opening, Farm Visit and Dinner with drinks and coffee included, Cooking Demonstration;   Electric Bike rental, helmet, rear seat for children, rain vest.